Devil May Cry IV (PC), Part 2

I’m on mission 12. I’m not really got at this game (either that or it’s really hard). I’m playing on Human difficulty which is the lowest, and I finish most of my missions with rank B. After replaying the first mission I got rank A with ease, but S will be extremely difficult. I’m mostly upgrading my sword because I don’t like the guns. Right now I’m saving up for the Air Hike move which will allow me to do a double jump. Based on the score table, there should be eight missions left. After that, the Devil Hunter difficulty awaits me.

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  • I’ve finished playing this game….
    but to tell you the truth,
    only the Dante’s part excited me…
    good luck in finishing it…
    you should try Dragon Age : Origins if you’re into RPG style..

  • Oh, don’t worry, Dragon Age is on my list. Just need to make some time for it. As for this game, i just love the fighting, so it was fun from the beginning for me.