Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City – 2. Death

I was hoping to update sooner, but there is no time for writing when you play the game. (^_^)

Anyways, after registering my guild, I had to go to Via Senatus in order to get my instructions from the city leadership. The old lady there told me that I need to report to the guard at the first level of the dungeon, who will then instruct me further in my task. Before all of this, I explored the town, checked the shops and the local Bistro for any quests, but it seems that the first mission is the only one I could take for now. It was time to descend into the dungeon.

The guard was quite easy to find, as he was guarding the passage to the more dangerous parts of the first floor. He tasked me with exploring and mapping out the area I can currently access, so I went and did this. I was forced to return to town several times to recover, but eventually, the area was mapped out. I reported my success to the guard and he told me I should also report at Via Senatus, so I went ahead and did that. During all this, I managed to make some new equipment available at the shops, thanks to all the materials I’ve been gathering during my exploration.

I geared up as much as I could and returned to the dungeon to explore the rest of the first level. Before I did that, though, I stopped at the Bistro to see If there are any missions available this time. There were. Among other things, a farmer was looking for a nice resting part at the first level of the dungeon, and the Bistro owner was actually looking for some ingredients for a meal she wanted to prepare. I took all the available missions and went to explore the rest of the dungeon. Again, I was forced to come back to town several times, but in the end, all of the areas I could access were fully mapped. I also found a locked treasure chest which I made note of for the future, as well as a mysterious gate with a moon shaped symbol on it. I will probably be returning for both of these things at a later time.I successfully completed all of the available missions and have found the stairs to the next floor, so I decided to go there.

I got my ass kicked by a giant bird monster as soon as I descended down the stairs.

It seemed that a change in strategy was in order. I was low on gold, so I couldn’t really buy the best available equipment for my entire party.Then I had an idea! I registered four more farmers at the guild hall. I don’t really care about their names, as they wont be adventurers, just peons to do the physical labor. I put them under Rodney’s command and took them back to the first level of the dungeon. They are highly trained in the gathering skills, so I took them to one of the lumber gathering points of the dungeon and worked their asses off until they were to exhausted to continue. We went back to town and sold all the things we gathered for about 600 gold.

That wasn’t enough, so I repeated this process over the next few days, leveling all of them to level 3 on the way and maxing out their harvesting skills. I could easily bring in 1000-1500 gold per day like this now. Once I geared them up properly, I started collecting gold for my main adventuring team and geared them up to.

I also went back to the Bistro and spoke to some guests. One of them told me that the green bird monsters only come out during the day, so I decided to explore the second floor during the night. My main adventuring team was ready to try again. I went down to level two and, this time, the fights weren’t hard at all. I started exploring, but pretty soon, I was stopped by a fancy looking guy who claimed he was here to help novice guilds. He explained everything about some dangerous monsters patrolling around and how to avoid them. Since I really was a novice, I decided to heed his advice and managed to avoid a few patrols during my explorations.

Pretty soon, I’ve encountered another person, this time a girl called Olympia. She explained how to find good campsites and use them to rest if I carry a tent with me. This was some more good advice, so I took heed of that also. After doing some more exploring, I started encountering muddy areas which really slowed my movement. This was another danger that could make avoiding patrols much harder, so I started marking such areas on my map. Soon, I encountered a third person, this time Hypathia, a member of the Muratsume guild. She was looking for one of their ninjas called Agatha, who went missing a while ago. She seemed tired so I offered help so she could go back to town to rest. I guess I’m nice like that.

I explored most of the area and even found the stairs to the next level, but then decided to go back to town to see if there’s anything new. Sure enough, there were three new missions at the Bistro. Someone was looking for some more ingredients, a group of adventurers from the Pale Horse guild went missing and thirdly, some farmers were looking for someone with experience to take part at a farming conference. Since Rodney was quite skilled by new, he offered to deal with that one. We waited for him to get back and then went back to the forest.

Soon, we encountered a guard and inquired him about the Pale Horse adventurers. He said that we should probably ask someone back at the Bistro, maybe even someone from another guild, as they do communicate allot. I did this and found out that the Pale Horse is a very cautious guild so they would probably look for the campsites on every dungeon level first, before doing anything to dangerous. I decided to go to the campsite and ask Olympia if she saw them. She said they did camp there, but then went down to the third floor. Since the dangerous monsters were still to tough for me on this floor, I decided to follow them.

Pretty soon, I’ve found another campsite, but there was blood everywhere. It seems that the Pale Horse adventurers fell prey to the monsters. With a heavy hearth, I went back to town to report the grim news, but it turns out I was wrong. I must have missed them because the adventurers returned while I was away. The blood wasn’t theirs, but belonged to the monsters they dealt with. Still, I did the Investigation, so I got the payment for the completed mission anyway. I guess everyone is happy, so it turned out fine.

This is where I decided to take a break and continue later.

Guild Horizon

Adventuring Team:

  • Michael, Level 9 Gladiator
  • Charles, Level 9 Hoplite
  • Awena, Level 9 Zodiac
  • Clarice, Level 9 Monk
  • Rodney, Level 9 Farmer

Labor Team:

  • Rodney, Level 9 Farmer
  • 4x Level 3 Peons
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  • Wow, you said that the posts in my blog were detailed.. but this is what I would call detailed! It’s rather long, but a fun and interesting read nonetheless =) can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  • Nice post

  • Dan

    Sweet dude. sounds like a good time.

  • I want to play this game but I haven’t finished the other one I am playing!!

  • Your spelling and grammar are atrocious. “TO” instead of “TOO”?!


    The raw stupidity that you are bombarded with on the internet, on a daily basis is very telling.

    Most people are INCREDIBLY ignorant and plain dumb. They(I’m talking average Joe) have never picked up a book in their pathetic, meaningless lives and they have no intentions to do so. Unless it’s some trash such as da Vinci’s Code or whatnot.

    There’s no intellectual curiosity anymore! Far “TOO” few people ask the big, insightful questions…And far too few people care that they have less of a command of the English language than people (such as peeps from India) who are not from the U.S.

    Aaaaaanyway (NOT anywayyyyyy, the way the ignoramuses on the internet would do it), Etrian Odyssey III is FRESH! Your blog and English language skills? No.

  • My apologies. English is not my first language, and while this does not justify my spelling and grammar mistakes, it does explain them. I will try to work on it so I wouldn’t make so many mistakes in the future.