Final Fantasy IV (DS), Part 6

We got out from the underground, and upgraded our ship with a lifting arm. With it, we transported our hovercraft to the south, which enabled us to enter a cave. In there, we’ve found the fugitives from Eblan castle, including Edge, the prince of Eblan. He joined our party and we continued to the overworld part of the tower of Babil. In there, we fought and defeated the Archfiend of Fire, Rubicante. Afterwards, we escaped in to the underground again by stealing an airship.

After telling everything to the Dwarf king, he said we should take the crystal nr. 8 before Golbez does the same. The problem is, the crystal is in a sealed cave across the lava field, and our new ship can’t cross lava. After exploring the castle, I’ve found none other than Cid in the infirmary. Is seems he isn’t quite as dead as I thought. He upgraded our ship so we can fly over lava.

Before going to the cave, we explored the other locations in the underworld. One of them is the Sylph cave where, besides a bunch of nice items, I’ve found none other than Yang. He is alive, but unconscious. Next up I will try to explore some other caves and then finally enter the sealed cave.