The Binding of Isaac [5] – Roasting with Isaac

Today, we measured 38 degrees Celsius here in Croatia. Suffice to say, I’m hardly in the mood to do anything, let alone do any serious gaming.What I did was to try and play a few rounds of The Binding of Isaac.

I’m not sure if it’s the heat, or if it’s because I haven’t been playing it for a while, but I got rusty, extremely rusty. I mean, I was never an awesome Isaac player, but right now, I’m having a hard time actually reaching mom, when satan used to have a common appearance.

Still, I was persistent, so I managed to eventually finish the cathedral once with Cain, and also managed to finish a challenge, the one called “Dark Was The Night”, which unlocked The Candle as a new item. I’ve seen it in action on some Youtube let’s play’s, so I’m looking forward to using it.