Dark Cloud – 4. Goro Sucks

After finishing up some houses in the village, I’ve found out from the villagers that Goro’s father was killed by the Killer Snake. What a coincidence, the next level of Wise Owl Forest was the killer snake level. I used the flute that the minstrel gave me after completing his home to lure the snake out, and then I used the sword that Trent gave me to defeat it. It dropped a necklace that a brought to Goro. It contained a message from his father explaining everything. The villagers never betrayed him. He got sick so he wanted to die in battle and not from a disease. That is why he went to battle the snake and that is why he lost. He asked Goro to help me save the village and the rest of the world. Goro said he hates him for what he did, but he decided to help me anyway for his own sake, so now I have a new ally.
He sucks! Seriously, he completely and utterly sucks! He is slow, weak and useless. On level 12 of the Wise Owl Forest I was forced to control him alone and it was the worst level I’ve encountered. He can barely kill anything with his slow and awkward hammer attacks. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I can’t control him properly, but I never intend to use him by my own free will, ever again.
Anyway, I cleared all the levels of Wise Owl forest, managed to completely and properly rebuild the village. As a reward, Trent gave me a Power-Up Powder and a Battle Ax for Goro (big deal…).  The last boss of the forest, I was forced to use Goro again. It was a giant ape thing called Masterutan (how imaginative). I had to use Goro to smack the boss’s feet with the hammer and then I would switch to Toan to use a charged up attack while the boss was down. It took me a while to figure it out, but when I did, the boss went down fast. After breaking the mind control, he told me that the village of the moon people is “right behind this rock here”, so he cleared the rock and I entered Brownboo Village.
This one was more of a filler area. There was nothing for me to do here gameplaywise, I just had to go through a bunch of cut scenes. I tried to get to the elders, but they knocked me out because they don’t trust humans. Once I woke up, I tried to tell them that the Dark Genie is free, but they wouldn’t believe me until one of them checked the magic crystal. When they realized I was telling the truth, they decided to help me. I was to take their ship and fly to the moon to get the magic needed to capture the Genie again. The problem is, one of these idiots sold the ship controlling orb to Queens thinking it was a piece of fruit. Now I have to go to Queens and get the orb back.
Off course, Queens is completely destroyed so I have to rebuild it using the pieces I get from the Shipwreck, a local dungeon. In any case, I managed to clear the first two levels of the dungeon and already built a house for the sheriff. This is where I took a break.