Sometimes i try to challenge myself in a special way while playing a game to make it more fun. This will be a list of such challenge playthroughs. Some of the challenges are of an individual nature, while some are entire series. I’ll try and provide the best way to navigate through them, such as single blog postings, or master pages.

Challenge Series

The aim of the Legend of Zelda challenge is to play through the Legend of Zelda series. I always found the series fascinating, but I honestly have very little experience with the games. This challenge aims to rectify this.

The aim of the Story of Ash challenge is to play through one game in each generation of Pokemon games, while attempting to “be Ash”, which means tying to be as faithful to the anime as possible, catching all the same Pokemon, using them in proper battles, etc.

Nuzlocke Challenges

A Nuzlocke Challenge is a special challenge for Pokemon games, involving strict, though variable rules on which Pokemon you can use and catch and how you are allowed to handle them. It was first inspired by an awesomely badly drawn comic.