Some of the Blogs I Follow

These guys have been sitting in my blog roll for a while now, so I thought I should write about why I’ve put them there. For the most part, they are one of the main reasons I’m writing my own blog, so they deserve a mention.

Dekay’s Gaming Diary

Dekay is the first guy who’s gaming diary I started following and probably the main reason I started my own. The way he wrote about his games and how he plays them made me start to think about why I’m not doing it that way and how I would enjoy myself more if I did. I can safely say that he’s also one of the reasons I stopped with piracy. When I first discovered his blog, I went through all of the articles he ever wrote – that’s how interested I was.

He posts a bit less often now, but it’s still just as interesting and just as good. He makes me want to own many of the current consoles, which is why I’ll be getting most of them eventually, once my work starts and money begins to finally come in.


This is another one I started reading soon after I discovered Dekay. In fact, I believe InvertY used to be linked from Dekay’s blog and that’s how I discovered it. Same as Dekay, this blog also has less frequent content lately, but I still enjoy reading new article that comes up.EDIT: Dekay has filled me in on the author of this blog. Sadly, he passed away two years ago. I never really knew him, but I loved his blog. His writing will be missed.

Tim’s Gaming Diary

Another of the early blogs I started following and another of the classic ones I still enjoy revisiting. Sadly, Tim follows the trend of writing less commonly these days, but I guess that’s what life does.

The CRPG Addict

This is one of the favourites I only recently discovered. The author writes with amazing detail and I’m sure his blog will one day serve as an excellent source of information for most of the old PC classics. The CRPG Addict reignites my life for classic role playing games with every article he releases. If anyone deserves your support, it’s this guy.

The RPG Consoler

What the CRPG Addict does for PC RPGs, the RPG Consoler does for console role playing games. The console RPG is a subgenre I’m much closer to, since I started my gaming on the console. These days, I prefer the complexity of the PC, but nothing captures the magic for me as a good JRPG. It’s another blog I love to follow.

Traversing Tamriel

What the last few blogs offer in detail and content, this one offers in uniqueness. It’s focused on one game alone, which is Morrowind, for now. However, it does things far differently than anyone else. The author writes from the perspective of the game protagonist, so the whole blog is basically one big personal log of the Nerevarine. Since I’m familiar with Morrowind and Tamriel in general, I love the way the character portrays a limited view the player usually doesn’t have.

The Backlog Killer

This blog focuses on something I’ve been doing recently – finally clearing the games I’ve been meaning to play for a while now. The difference is, it isn’t a focus on the heap load of indie games the author acquired over the last two years, but a focus on some of his timeless favorites. Just as the CRPG Addict and the RPG Consoler, The Backlog Killer writes with great attention to detail and style. The blog will be a useful source of historical game information in a couple of years, I’m sure of it.


These are just a few of the blogs on my blog roll, but they are the few I’m familiar with and can honestly recommend. That doesn’t mean the rest of the blogs on my list in the sidebar are bad, far from it. It just means I haven’t been following them long enough to give them a proper description. I’ll provide that in time.