Dark Cloud – 2. The Token Slow and Tough Guy

I played some more and managed to clear all the levels of the first dungeon and defeat the Divine Beast. After defeating him and returning to the village, it turns out that the arrangement of buildings that I decided on was optimal, so the Divine Beast taught me a new special attack.  He also gave me a map which allows me to travel to other locations in the world. I could only go to the next village, so that is where I went. I have to talk to a trent there, but he doesn’t have any water so I need to somehow divert the river to him. This means that I need to explore another dungeon and get more parts.
On the way to the second village, I also met a boy in a bear costume who looks like I will be able to recruit him later. In any case, I explored the first few levels of the new dungeon and already got a couple of buildings. I still haven’t built the local store though, so I have to travel to the first village for supplies.
Keep in mind, all of this happened yesterday. I still haven’t played today, but I’m about to.