Dark Cloud – 1. Getting to Know the Game

I just realized that a new version of the PCSX2 emulator is out so I decided to try this game based on a recommendation from a friend. I must say, it’s running perfectly. The frame rate is steady at 100% and there are no glitches that I could see.
The game is about a kid who is chosen to save his village and the rest of the world by rebuilding it and defeating the Dark Genie in the end. You do this by exploring level after level of randomly generated dungeons and collecting items that you then use to build your village. The more you build, the more items you get and the deeper you can go. You do not gain levels yourself, but your weapons van level up as well as be upgraded with various gems. You can also recruit allies and switch between them at will to traverse obstacles.
I managed to clear the first then levels of the first dungeon. This includes defeating two bosses and recruiting my first ally, some sort of cat girl. She uses a crappy slingshot so I only use her to pass some obstacles which include jumping. I’m liking this game at the moment and I will probably play it a bit more over the next few days.