Fallout 2

In the sequel, I decided to play a smarter ranged character. In Fallout, my character was a dumb, close combat ox, but this one is smarter, and uses a rifle. The game starts in a tribe that worships The Vault Dweller who saved the world a few centuries ago. Their village and the nature around it are dying, children are getting sick, and crops are withering. I had to prove that I am The Chosen One and pass a test within their temple. I needed to get the robes of the Vault Dweller (actually a Vault 13 uniform). I did this, and also finished a few miscellaneous quests before leaving to village. The village elder asked me to find The Garden of Eden Creation Kit (or G.E.C.K. for short). This device should help with the famine and illnesses. I should be able to find it in Vault 13, but the problem is, no one knows where the Vault is located. After leaving the village, I visited a city nearby. There, I helped a guy defend a herd of two-headed cows, and killed a Rat God (yes, this game also has giant rats). Right now, I’m at the pub, trying to figure out what to do next (ammo is scarce, by the way).