Final Fantasy IV (DS), Part 5

We’ve found a way underground trough a mountain in the south. Down there, we ran in to a fight between the Baron Red Wings and some dwarven tanks. My ship got damaged in the crossfire, so we had to force land near the dwarven castle. The dwarves said they still have their crystal, but Golbez already has a total of six. As we entered their crystal room, first some dolls and then Golbez himself attacked us. Just as he was about to kill as, we got saved by none other than Rydia. With her help, we managed to kill him.

Rydia said Leviathan took her to the land of Eidolons where time runs faster, so that’s why she is older now. As we were leaving the room, it turned out Golbez wasn’t as dead as we thought. He snatched the crystal and disappeared.

The dwarves suggested that, while Golbez is going for the last crystal, we should steal the other seven from his tower. They would attack the tower with tanks and create a diversion to allow us to enter unnoticed.

In the tower, we fought some weird doctor guy and his creation, but failed to get the crystals. Yang sacrificed himself to save the dwarves, and latter one, Cid sacrificed himself to save us. Two more are lost to the cause.