Final Fantasy IV (DS), Part 4

When I got to the top floor, I encountered Sandy, Mindy and Cindy. These were some tough enemies. At the start of the battle, the tall one casts reflect on the fat one, and then the little one bounces spells of her at my party. After taking some damage, I cast silence on the tall one, and then dispelled reflect from the fat one. That way, I could kill the fat one and the little one was actually helping me do it. After killing the fat one, I continued with the little one, and in the end disposed of the tall one.

In the next room Kain and Golbez were waiting. Golbez didn’t want to release Rosa, so Tellah lost his temper and decided to cast Meteor. It didn’t kill Golbez, but he did take his own life by casting the spell. Another friend lost!

The good news is that the damage Golbez took released Kain from his mind control. Golbez tried to kill me next, but after looking at me he realized something and left (I don’t know exactly what happened). Kain joined my party again and, in the next room, Rosa did the same. Then Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Wind attacked us. It wasn’t a really hard battle after I realized that a fully charged Yang was the only one who should attack, and that Jump could knock her back to her default form.

After the battle, Kain said that besides the four crystals of light, Golbez also needs four crystals of darkness and we need to get them first. I’m off to find the crystals.