Final Fantasy IV (DS), Part 3

Before I got to explore, my ship got boarded by Kain. Golbez offered a trade – Rosa for the Earth Crystal of Troia. .So, after exploring the entire map and getting some nice items, I’ve reached the city of Troia. I’ve found Edward in an infirmary there, but he was too weak to join my party. He mentioned that the Earth Crystal was stolen by a Dark Elf and taken to a cave to the north east. To reach the cave, I needed a black Chocobo, as the cave is surrounded with a forest. I got a black Chocobo to the north of Troia.

There was a magnetic field in the cave, so I had to use non-metallic equipment. It was tough at first, but it got easier after gaining a few experience levels. After some fighting, I got to the crystal room where the elf was waiting for me. Off course, he kicked my ass. Just as I thought it was all over, at the castle Edward realized what was happening and started playing a song. This broke the elf’s concentration and got rid of the magnetic field. After that, the elf was a cakewalk.

When I got back to the castle, I got a bunch of nice items from their treasury. After getting back to the airship, Kain got there with his ship, and took me to the Tower of Zot where Rosa was waiting for me at the top floor. Now I gave to fight a bunch of enemies to get there.