Final Fantasy IV (DS), Part 2

We cleared the mountain, and met a monk named Yang on the way. He was from the city that Baron plans to attack next, so we told him all about it and promised his king to help out in the defense. The defense failed, off course, and Baron took the crystal, but not before I found out that Kain betrayed me. It turns out the king of Baron is actually controlled by a man in dark armor named Golbez. He somehow brainwashed Kain in to following him. Needless to say, I got my ass kicked, and they took Rosa.

After the battle, my party decided that the best move would be to surprise attack Baron by sea. The king gave as a boat, and we were on our way. At sea, Leviathan attacked our ship, Rydia fell overboard and Yang jumped after her. Edward got knocked out, and then there was a blackout. I woke up on the beaches near Mysidia, the town I attacked at the beginning of the game (in the flashback). Although angry at me, their leader said I can’t defeat Golbez as a Dark Knight, so he sent me to a mountain nearby to become a Paladin. He’s also sent Palom and Porom, the twin mages, to accompany me. On the way to the mountain top, I encountered Tellah the Sage again, who wants to learn Meteor on the same mountain. Off course, he joined me. At the top, we defeated the Archfiend of earth, Scarmiglione, in his both forms. Cecil became a Paladin, and now he rocks even harder.

After returning to Mysidia, the way to Baron was open. There, I’ve found Yang was brainwashed by Golbez to, so I kicked his ass and brought him to his senses. We entered the castle trough a tunnel from the town of Baron. There, I trashed a guard who was mean to me at the beginning of the game, and then got my ass handed to me (there’s allot of ass in this post) by the king, who was actually Cagnazzo, the Archfiend of water. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to survive his Tsunami attack.

EDIT: Cagnazzo is no more. It turns out, in order to stop Tsunami, I had to Attack him with lightning attacks. Even so, I just barely killed him. All of my characters except for Cecil and Yang who was paralyzed were dead. Cecil was just about to die to, but his attack killed Cagnazzo. I love it when it’s that close. Sadly, while escaping, Palom and Porom had to turn to stone in order to save the rest of us. We saved Cid, and escaped in his airship, the Enterprise. So now I have my own airship. It’s time to explore the world.