Final Fantasy IX [19] – Fossil Roo

I got to the Marsh and met up with Quina again. It turns out she backtracked all the way to here from Cleyra, all on her own. She rejoined the party and helped me find the entrance to the tunnel I’ve been looking for.

Final Fantasy IX, Chase Boss

I’m not sure if this boss is beatable, but I haven’t really tried anything other than running.

The tunnels involved some track switching puzzles. The location was full of untamed gargants, which I could lure with flowers and ride from one area to the other. In order to make them go in the right direction, I needed to pull various switches, which changed the track layout. Some switches led me to dead ends containing treasure, but I’m absolutely sure I didn’t get all of them before I got out.Soon after I entered, I started getting chased by some weird machine. I’m not sure if I could’ve killed it, but after a few chases, it fell down a hole and that was it. In the room after that, though, I met Lani. She and some red haired guy got hired by Brahne to get Dagger’s pendant back, so I had to fight her. Again, the fight wasn’t to difficult and I used the standard tactic. Zidane was stealing, Dagger was healing and the other two, Vivi and Quina in this case, did the damage. The fight was over soon and Lani ran away. I went into the tunnels.

Final Fantasy IX, Fossil Roo Exit

Light at the end of the tunnel.

In the central room, I also met Stilzkin, the traveling moogle, who got his usual tree random items for sale, which I bought. One of the rooms also had a treasure hunter which let me dig for items in exchange for a potion, but I didn’t bother with it. Eventually, I found the exit and I was outside, at the Outer Continent.