Final Fantasy IX [21] – Madain Sari and the Iifa Tree

I had to fight a boss before I left the mountain path. Thanks to me having two healers, the fight was easy, but it took a while, especially since my only dealer of larger amounts of damage was busy stealing. I eventually ended up resorting to Vivi’s magic and Dagger’s Ramuh in order to kill it. Even with the long time it took, Zidane didn’t manage to steal everything from the boss. I’m starting to remember why the stealing mechanic sometimes annoyed me on the first play through.

Final Fantasy IX, Mountain Path Boss

Eiko starts out with Auto-Regen.

The Iifa Tree was accessible from an alternative route in the Mountain Path, so I went there and finally reached the tree itself. The route through it was long, and it was soon obvious that the tree is what generates the mist on the Mist Continent. Eventually, I got to the bottom and was soon attacked by a boss.I finally got to Madain Sari, where the story advanced a lot. To put it short, it turned out Eiko was an orphan, living with just her moogle friends there. Dagger also realizes that she must be from Madain Sari to, because she has vague memories of the place. Eventually, the story focuses on the Iifa Tree again, and Eiko agrees to guide he party to it.

I guess an undead boss appears at least once in most Final Fantasy games. Soulcage was one of these bosses. For a moment, I thought about killing him the legitimate way, but after I’ve seen how much damage it does, I promptly used on elixir on it.

Final Fantasy IX, Soulcage

Soulcage is really tough, unless you use an elixir on him.

As you can probably tell, this game is a lot more focused on storytelling and I’d even say it treats battles and dungeons more as filler than anything else. In most JRPG’s, I’d have a problem with this, but somehow, the game manages to keep all the talking and storytelling fun and interesting. I’m really starting to see why a lot of people considers Final Fantasy IX the best one in the franchise.The boss was gone and the tree stopped producing mist, but there wasn’t much time to be happy about it, because Kuja flew in on his silver dragon. Brahne and her fleet followed, so there was a huge battle scene, in which Brahne got killed.¬†Eventually, the screen went black, and the story shifted to a short time later, with everyone back in Alexandria.