Final Fantasy IX [24] – Training on Grand Dragons

Again, due to work, Final Fantasy IX has been played extremely sporadically over the last few days, with not much of note happening in the game.

Before I get to the final area and complete the game, I’d like to get the ultimate weapons for all of my characters, possibly gather all the Stellazio (or is it Stelazios?), train up a bit and learn all the abilities. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind killing the optional boss, which I never even saw as a kid, for some reason.

In order to do all that, I need lots of money, which means I need to kill enemies. At first, I thought I could get money by buying the several key items at the Treno auction house and then sell them at a profit to various NPC, but after trying that for a while, I concluded it would be just as fast, or almost just as fast to get the money through fighting, and that way, I also get experience and ability points.

Final Fantasy IX - Moogle Letter

I forgot to take pictures, so here’s a random moogle letter, kupo!

I’m still not using guides, but I think I will become necessary very soon, at least so I can get the ultimate weapons and the stellazios in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve already tried going for Zidane’s ultimate weapon, because I distinctly remembered it’s underwater at the place where the entrance to Terra used to be, but I used several death peppers with Choco and I couldn’t find it. Either I’m missing something, or it needs to be a very specific spot.

What I’m doing now is training on grand dragons around Daguerreo. I’ve equipped my party with Thunder resistance and absorption gear and enabled the Antibody and Auto-Regen abilities, so I don’t even have to heal while killing them. Since their health is pretty low, a single Shock! by Steiner and a regular attack by Zidane are usually enough to take care of them. The only annoyance is the appearance of the black cat enemy, which gives almost no experience at all. Still, at least I get some money, so it’s not a complete waste of time.