Final Fantasy IX [25] – Sidequests

I trained on Grand Dragons for a bit, but I got bored soon, so I decided to start checking side quests of my list. In order to do that, I actually had to make my list, so here it is. I’m only listing stuff that gives equipment rewards, etc. I’m not interested in cards, flair key items or anything of the sort.

  • Find all the friendly spirits to weaken the optional boss
  • Beat the optional boss
  • Find all 12 (13) Stellazio coins
  • Fix Mognet Central
  • Get kupo nuts to the Moogle family
  • Answer all the questions of Ragtime Mouse
  • Beat all the monsters in Treno
  • Find all the chocobo treasures
  • Get all the ultimate weapons
  • Upgrade all the special character skills (Frog Drop, Thievery…)
  • Learn all the abilities
  • Get the ultimate gear

As of now, I got all the friendly spirits. I even got lucky with the friendly Yan, what with getting it in my first fight on the island of sheep from hell (TM). I haven’t even tried beating the optional boss, but I’ll guess I’ll have to get around to that soon.

Final Fantasy IX - Friendly Yan

The friendly Yan is by far the cutest critter of the series.

I got all 13 coins, with Sagittarius and Scorpio giving me the most trouble. I remembered where the 13th coin was from my first play through, so that wasn’t an issue. This means I now have my first Robe of Lords.

I’ve found Mognet Central and even got my first letter to deliver, but I haven’t started the deliveries yet. This ties to the Moogle family feeding, since I get a kupo nut for each letter I deliver. I already had one nut, though, so I gave it to the family and got an Aloha Shirt. It’s a useless flair item, so I wont be using it.

I’ve encountered the Ragtime Mouse several times and already failed a few questions, so I’ll need to be really careful from now on. If I remember correctly, if I don’t get enough questions right, I won’t get the final reward, whatever it is. I might go for a guide on this one.

The monsters in Treno were beaten easily. That is, the final monster, a behemoth, was beaten easily by a tranced Zidane. While I was there, I also bought some items on the auction, but the one I needed the most wasn’t there yet. For this, I had to go to Daguerreo and make a guy there tell me he wants a Magical Fingertip. One he told me that, it instantly appeared at the auction so I bought it, with having just enough money for it. I’m serious here. I had 60 000 on me, and I bought the item for around 59 000. I brought it to the guy in Daguerreo, who gave me Excalibur, Steiner’s “ultimate” weapon.

The thing is, it isn’t really ultimate. First of all, it provides less strength than Ragnarok, which I already got somewhere, can’t remember where. Secondly, if you get to the final area of the game in under 12 hours total, you get Excalibur II, which is the true ultimate weapon. Since I’m at 40 hours right now, I don’t think I’ll get there in time.

I also finally managed to dig out (or dive out) Zidane’s Ultimate Weapon, after spending a bunch of Death Peppers. You can see the location on the screenshot (unless I forget to upload it). ┬áSame goes for Dagger’s ultimate weapon, which was hidden in the treasure chest for the Ocean Chocograph.

Final Fantasy IX - Zidane's Ultimate Weapon

You should probably use the small island in the background as a guide.

This brings me to the next point – I got all the chocobo treasures, including all of the Death Pepper ones (or at least I think I got all of them). In addition to Dagger’s ultimate weapon, this means I also have the Tiger Racket which is awesome for both Dagger and Eiko, as well as Freya’s ultimate, the name of which escapes me right now. I think it was Dragon’s Hair or something.

Four or five ultimate weapons are actually in the final area, but before the point of no return, so I’ll probably head there soon to get them. There’s also another optional boss there, Hades, which opens up a special Synthesis shop if I beat him.

Lastly, I wan’t to learn all the abilities on each character and boost their special attacks to the max. Not all of them have these attacks, but what I’m referring to are Zidane’s Thievery, which is maxed out by stealing, Quina’s Frog Drop, for which I need to catch a total of 100 frogs, and Freya’s random skill the name of which I forgot again. I must subconsciously dislike Freya or something. Consciously, I like her and her abilities very much.

Speaking of abilities, most of my characters already have most of theirs. I just need to figure out which ones I’m missing and which items I need to get those.

Overall, Final Fantasy IX has no shortage of side quests, and most of them are really fun to do.