Final Fantasy VII [15] – The Escape

Tifa woke up with Barret next to her, seven days after the events at the crater. They were at the Junon military base, where Rufus took them. Rufus was out fighting off weapon attacks and doing pretty much all he could to find a way to save the Planet from Meteor. Yes, the Meteor. Sephiroth summoned it and it’s already well on its way to crash into the Planet. Things seem lost. Cloud is missing and most of the others are to. Only Barret and Tifa are at the facility.

Moments after Tifa wakes up, Scarlet arrives to show Shinra’s true face again, just as Barret was starting to change his opinion about them. The people are worried and in fear, so Rufus intends to blame what happened on Barret and Tifa. A public execution would give the people a focus to direct their hate on and calm things down for a bit. The two are taken to the execution room, where the press and officials were already waiting.

Tifa gets sent into the gas chamber and the gas is released, but just at that moment, one of the Weapons attacks Junon. Everyone other than a single reporter, Scarlet and Barret leave the conference room and Rufus orders to fire the huge Sister Ray cannon. Using a moment of carelessness, the reporter uses sleeping gas on Scarlet and she faints. It was Cait Sith!

Final Fantasy VII, Sister Ray

The Sister Ray

Barret tries to open the door to the gas chamber, but there’s no use. Desperately trying to find another way in, he goes back to the hallway, but then the door to the conference room locks as well. With nothing to be done, the duo hopes that Tifa will figure something herself and goes for the air field.

In the chamber, Tifa gets lucky. The guard who led her in there dropped his key on his way out. Tifa uses her feet to grab the key, catches it with her mouth and then manages to unlock her cuffs. The gas was easily disabled, but she’s still locked in there. With another stroke of luck, a Weapon attack pierces the outer wall of the gas chamber, so Tifa climbs out and starts going in the direction of the cannon.

She climbs on top of it with Shinra guard following her. There is no other way to go, so she keeps climbing further and further, eventually reaching the barrel of the cannon. In the meantime, Barret and Cait Sith meet up with Yuffie and continue to the air strip, where the airship Highwind was located. Scarlet and a couple of guards corner Tifa at the edge of the Sister Ray cannon. Tifa hears a voice in here haid “Run for the edge and jump!” She decides to listen just as Barret and the rest rise up to it with Highwind. Barret throws her a rope and she catches it. They are free!

It’s now time to find Cloud.