Final Fantasy VII [16] – Searching for Cloud

The group was at a loss on where to find their friend. He fell into the lifestream, so he could be anywhere, if he’s even still alive. Red XIII mentions that there are areas in the world where the lifestream can come to the surface, where the crust is thinner or some other factor is playing into it. The party hasn’t heard of such an area though, nothing other than the northern crater, where they cannot go now, because Sephiroth put up a barrier around it. Besides, if Cloud is there, he might as well be lost.

There was one place, though; a place known for its hot springs and relaxing effect on visitors. There is a town on the tiny southeastern continent called Mideel, known as a tourist location. With the hot springs and other qualities, it just might be possible that one can get out of the lifestream there.

Final Fantasy VII, Mideel

Mideel – the perfect place to unwind, provided the world isn’t ending.

A couple of older people were talking about a young man at the local hospital. No one knows where he came from and he can’t remember anything, so no one knows what to do with him. Tifa rushed into the hospital and talked to the doctor. The man she heard about was in the next room. It was Cloud!The group lands next to the city and enters, with Tifa starting her search immediately. The town was small. It had a couple of shops, a restaurant and a few other houses, but nothing much. With nothing found, Tifa stopped for a second to think and petted a local dog. Then she overheard the most important conversation of her life.

It was what was left of Cloud. The person sitting in the wheelchair couldn’t even produce a word or keep their head straight. In one moment, the hopes she had of reuniting with him were gone. Still not willing to give up, she decided to remain and take care of him while the rest of the group keeps fighting.