Final Fantasy VII [17] – A Time For Action

With Cloud at least found, if not found being well, it was time to take action against Shinra, Sephiroth and the meteor.

Last they heard, Shinra was going to gather a type of materia from their reactors around the world and then use the decommissioned rocket ship to collide it with the meteor, hoping it would destroy it. The group, with Cid now in charge, intends to intercept this and do it slightly differently. The plan actually might work, but the Planet cannot put their trust in Shinra, because they are sure to have hidden intentions even if it works. No, the group needs to get this “Huge” materia themselves. The next two reactors the materia is to be collected from are the one in Corel and the one at Fort Condor.¬†For Barret, this was personal, so Corel was the group’s first destination.

They arrived at the reactor in the mountains just in time for a train carrying the materia to leave the facility. With no time to lose, the group took the other train to catch up. Since it wasn’t loaded with anything, they were at the first train in no time and jumped on it immediately. They fought from car to car until reaching the engine. With the crew disposed of, the materia was now safe, but the train wasn’t stopping, risking a crash and the destruction of North Corel.

Final Fantasy VII, Cid and the Train Chase

OK Cid, time to shine!

With Corel safe, it was time to go to Fort Condor. The group arrived just in time for another attack by Shinra troops. Luckily, the funds of the group were enough to hire mercenaries and the attack was fought off with very little losses. It took all of the funds the group had, but it was well worth it.In the last moment, Cid managed to somehow stop the train and North Corel was safe. The villagers welcomed their saviors and finally forgave Barret for his involvement in the past destruction of the old Corel. A child gave them the Ultima materia and one of the people in the upper part of the village gave Barret Catastrophe – the manual for his final limit break.

Just as the attack was over, the condor egg at the top of the fort finally cracked open and a chick hatched. As is the way of the species, the parent died in the process, but now the circle could continue. The chick flew off and left behind a Phoenix materia. With the fort safe, the leader gave Cid their “Huge” materia and the group could move on.

The next reactor to be hit was the underwater reactor of Junon, but before that, the group had to go and check up on Cloud and Tifa.