Final Fantasy VII [19] – Wrapping Up

After a short, but inspirational group speech, Cloud retook command of the party and the airship. With two huge materias in their possession, there were still two left and the next one was in Junon, at the underwater reactor. Getting to it was simple enough, with everyone being distracted by the operations.

Once there, however, the party was slowed down by Reno of the Turks. He ordered a machine to attack the group while he used a submarine to escape with the materia. The enemy wasn’t to difficult to dispatch, but one wrong move would have been the end of it.

Final Fantasy VII, Submarine Bay

A sub of our own!

The last materia already took off for Rocket Town on another Gelnika plain from the Junon airport, so that’s where Cloud took the airship. This was Cid’s area of expertise, so he, Barret and Cloud infiltrated the rocket, fighting through several groups of Shinra guards. It was to late too stop the ship, though, so it took off with them inside and started a course towards the meteor. For a moment, they thought about letting it crash the meteor with the materias inside, because it just might work, but then they decided against it. The amount of knowledge lost through the destruction of the materias would not be worth it.…and it was the end of it, twice. The robot you fight at the submarine is easy enough on itself, but my group was starting to get underleveled a bit and I expected to just breeze through it, so I wasn’t careful. He killed me twice before I managed to beat him.

Cloud took command of another submarine in order to catch the first one. Finding it wasn’t toĆ³ difficult and it was dispatched of easily. The party now had the third Huge materia as well as their very own submarine. They used it to explore the central ocean floor, soon finding a key and a sunken Shinra plane of the Gelnika class. Reno and Rude were already there, investigating what happened to it, so there was another physical confrontation that was dealt with quickly enough.

They released the final materia from its lock, and then left the rocket ship in an escape pod before it was destroyed. The crash did almost nothing to the meteor.

The group had all four Huge materias now, but no idea on what to do with them. Still, they had to do something and they will do something. Then Red XIII had an idea.

Maybe his grandfather would have some advice.