Games Tryout

I tried three new games for the DS this morning. I’m not going to play them just yet because I have other games to finish first, but I do have to decide if I should keep them. So, here goes:

Doodle Hex

It’s a puzzle game. You draw runes on the screen to attack your enemy. It’s pretty fast paced, and you make your own rune set, but that’s about it. I don’t think I’ll be playing this one.

Ducati Moto

A motorcycle racer and a nice one at that. There’s a career mode in which you can buy different motorcycles and upgrade them. The driving model and the graphics are nice to.

Top Spin 3

This one is a tennis game. There’s a career mode in which you partake in tournaments and event or train to improve your stats. It’s hard, but for a tennis game, pretty sweet.