Mass Effect 2, Part 2 [COMPLETED]

Took me a while, but the game is completed. I loved every minute playing it, so I can confidently recommend it to any fans of role playing games, science fiction, or just generally a good story. I can’t wait for the finale of the trilogy. Before completing it, I did the loyalty quests for all of my team members as well as most of the side quests. At the final mission, everyone was loyal except for Jack, even though I completed her mission. She and Miranda had an argument mid-game and I sided with Miranda, so Jack really hated me from that point forward.

My first try of the suicide mission, I had all the ship upgrades and I tried to select team mates logically, but in the end, Tali and Grunt both died. Tali was the one going through the ventilation and Grunt was the leader of the second fire team. I completed the game this way yesterday, but I decided to try it again today with no one dying on me. This time, Jacob was the leader of both fire teams, Thane was the survivor escort, Samara maintained the biotic barrier and Legion was going through the vents. Although a few times it seemed someone was going to die again, in the end they all survived.

 I still have a few achievements left, and in time I might even try to play through the game again, but for now I will go play something else. I hear Bioshock 2 is pretty good, but I don’t have it yet, so for now I might try a new alt in World of Warcraft.