Mass Effect (PC), Part 2

After talking to the Council, I decided the best next move would be to try to find Garrus, a private investigator that has been after Saren for a while now. Captain Anderson said the person to talk to would be Harkin, a human employed in the C-Sec. He’s supposed to be in a bar in the Wards, so that’s where I went looking for him. Harkin said I should look for Garrus in the Hospital.

I’ve also found general Septimus in the bar. I managed to talk some sense in to him, so he agreed to stop spreading lies about the Consort. He also admitted to lie to the ambassador I talked about earlier. He gave me evidence that I should show to the ambassador.

In the Hospital I stumbled in to some thugs threatening the doctor. Garrus helped me dispose of them so we could talk. He said Fist, a local crime lord, should know something about Saren. He also mentioned a Krogan bounty hunter named Wrex that is also after Fist. I decided to look for him, so Garrus joined my team. I’ve found Wrex in the C-Sec academy and he agreed to join to.

Doing all these things, I’ve also found a total of 17 keepers that a guy asked me to scan. I have 4 more to find. I also got a few side quests on my list, but none of them are important enough to mention.