Mass Effect (PC), Part 1

I had this game for a while, but I didn’t get the chance to play it. It’s a great game. I started with a male Infiltrator who was a spacer and a war hero. I’m mainly going to use snipers with an explosive thrown in every now and then.

I started a game on a ship called Normandy. The mission was supposed to be a test run to try out the new stealth systems, or so I thought. It turned out it was actually a retrieval mission. An artifact from a long gone race called Protheans was found on a human colony called Eden Prime. It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful planets Humanity inhabits.

While Normandy was approaching Eden Prime, the colony got attacked by Geth, a synthetic race that turned on its creators and then disappeared for 200 years. It seems they are back, and they mean business.

This mission was also a test for me. The Council wants a human to be allowed in to the rank of Spectres, an organization above the law, created to uphold the will of the Council. If I do okay, I will be the first human to become a Spectre. Another Specter named Nihlas will be observing me.

Nihlas went on ahead, saying he moves faster alone. After my team annihilated a few enemies, one of my team members got killed by some flying robot thingies. He quickly got replaced by another, prettier, female soldier. Fighting enemies, I got a few nice items, and encountered a few people. Nihlas was going ahead, and encountered Saren, another Spectre that is now working with the Geth. Nihlas didn’t know that, so Saren managed to kill him.

The Geth planted explosive devices around the beacon, so I had to disarm them within the time limit. After disarming the devices, I approached the beacon. It started pulling a team member in, so I jumped and pushed her away. The beacon pulled me in, and I experienced a vision. 15 hours later I woke up on the Normandy.

After some shopping and exploring, the Normandy set course to the Citadel – a space station created by the Protheans, and now controlled by the Council. After arriving, I got a new assignment. I am to go to the Council tower and tell them everything about what happened.

I did some more exploring, and have encountered two other races. One of the ambassadors has a problem with another ambassador, so I will try to help him out. I’ve also found a report on a terminal in the human embassy saying something about strange signals in an unexplored region of space. This got me an optional quest that I can do later.

EDIT: I had a conversation with C-Sec (Citadel Security) Executor Venari Pallin. He isn’t very trusting when it comes to Spectres, and especially with Saren. I also realized that the female ambassador is not an ambassador, but a Consort. I talked to her and she asked me to help her. A general named Septimus is spreading lies about her and they need to stop. I also did more exploring and met with the Council. They didn’t believe me about Saren and now I have to prove it somehow.