Populous: The Beginning [12] – Solo [22] and Inferno [23]

I’ve slacked off for almost a week now, but I finally made myself do a write-up about the next two Populous: The Beginning levels I’ve managed to complete.


Solo was one of my favorite levels. All I had at my disposal here was my shaman and I needed to use her to destroy all three of the enemy tribes. Luckily, I had some spells ready right at the start, and I could also  pray at various obelisks to recharge my spells or gain other important bonuses.

I started out right next to the Dakini, so I used a Tornado, some Lightning and then mostly Blast to completely destroy the small village they had. Once they were out of the way, I could focus on the Matak and the Chumara.

I used a boat left behind by the Dakini to get to the Chumara island and then created a path to one of their balloons with the Land Bridge. Once I was in the baloon, I was ready to do my thing. Some Erodes, Earthquakes, a Volcano and a Tornado were enough to get rid of the Chumara, but I also cast an Angel of Death for good measure.

Populous - Solo

Thanks to my balloon, I didn’t even need this last obelisk.

Luckily, the Matak were relatively near, so my dragon just moved on to kill them once the Chumara were gone. I joined him, but only after I prayed at one of the obelisks for some extra mana. Pretty soon, the Matak were destroyed to and I didn’t even have to pray at the last obelisk to destroy them.

An awesome level, but it didn’t take long to beat. Funny thing, though. I had a few Chumara warriors hypnotized when I destroyed them, which made the warriors completely fall under my command. If I had a brave among them, I could’ve probably built up my base just like in any other level. As it was, I just used them to get an extra charge or two of Blast.


Inferno was a level with an extremely dark and creepy atmosphere. The planet had oceans of blood and you could actually hear screams when the camera was above the ocean.

I started out on a massive continent shared between the Dakini, the Matak and myself, with the Chumara on a smaller continent of their own. The Dakini and the Matak mostly ignored me and instead fought themselves, though I did have to fend off a couple of air assaults from the Dakini. The most annoying part were definitely the Chumara, though, with their constant wave of spies being sent to destroy my buildings.

I manage do defend well enough for my village to grow and eventually created a huge wall of balloons and towers to defend against my two neighbors. A bunch of well placed airborne fire warriors also started clearing Chumara spies before they could reach my shore.

Populous - Inferno

I actually used a small force of fire warriors to clear the level a bit faster. They work, as long as the enemy shaman doesn’t get to close.

Once my shaman was airborne and I had enough mana, I started sinking the Dakini first, so their shaman’s reincarnation site was soon separated from the rest of their village. I placed a couple of fire warriors above the site, so the shaman was reduced to a mana battery.

Then I cast some destruction spells on the Matak, before I moved on to completely clear the Chumara. This took a while, but wasn’t very hard. After about half an hour, I returned to the Matak and destroyed them next, saving the Dakini and their mana battery for last.

Again, I have to say this, Populous is an awesome game!