Professor Layton and the Curious Village – 2. Mysterious

The professor and Luke make their way successfully to Reinhold Manor, where they meet Lady Dahlia. But before they start talking, a loud noise startles Lady Dahlia’s cat, Claudia, who runs off. The professor and Luke are now forced to find the missing feline.

Professor Layton Art

I can’t stress enough how much I love the art of Professor Layton.

I’ve solved Simon’s Puzzle, which was pretty easy and involved just some basic geometry. He said I really should find the cat, as Lady Dahlia gets unreasonable when the cat runs off. I went outside the manor and the cat was there, but she instantly ran away again. At the river, Ramon said he saw the cat pass through on the way to town. At the boat, Luke asked the professor to solve another puzzle. A ship with 15 people is sinking and will be down in 20 minutes. There’s only one raft and it can hold 5 people. A round trip to the nearest island and back takes 9 minutes. How mans people will be saved. My first answer was 9. 5 people go on the first trip, one comes back with the boat and get 4 more. It was wrong. What I forgot is that the raft will be back a second time before the ship sinks, so another four people can be saved. The correct answer was 13. In a house in the city, Luke solved another fun puzzle involving candles. Ten candles are burning on a candlestick. The wind blows through the window and extinguishes 2 of them. A few minutes later, you notice one more is extinguished and close the window so it doesn’t happen again. Assuming the rest of the candles will be fine, how many will be left in the end? This is an easy one so I want answers in the comments. There was another puzzle in the store so I went out after solving that one.

At the town square, the man who lowered the bridge for me before told me that the crank used for it was stolen and asked me to find the thief. He also gave me some strange gizmo. Rodney gave me another puzzle at the town hall and this got me another gizmo. Claudio was waiting at the town square so I tried to catch her. She didn’t like that and scratched Luke’s face before running away again. She ran to the west, but I went south first to try and find more puzzles. I solved one in the streets and then I went to the inn where I booked us rooms and found a secret puzzle involving a painting. I went out and to the bridge, where another puzzle was easily solved.

It was time to go after the cat again to the west. In the local bar, a few more puzzles were waiting. I continued chasing the cat towards the park, solving a bunch of puzzles along the way. I caught up with it at the park entrance and used some fish bones and old lady gave me to lure her and finally caught her. Chapter 2 was complete and Chapter 3 started. I went back to the manor and saw that everyone was in a state of panic. Inspector Chemley was there, investigating a crime. While I was chasing a cat, Simon was murdered! I talked to Matthew, the butler and he said he found something in Simon’s room – a strange cog with a hammer and a wrench embedded into it. The inspector said I’m a suspect to, so I can’t leave the city before the investigation is concluded.

Lady Dahlia retreated to her room so I went there to talk to her. She asked me to help solved the case and left. I’ve found a photography in her room with her holding a child, presumably the lord’s former daughter, Flora. I asked the lady about it and she said she never had a child. This was strange so I asked the butler and he said that the women in the photo was the lord’s former wife and her similarity to lady Dahlia is pure coincidence. I’m guessing this will be important later, but for now, I need to go back to town and find Ramon who is missing. I saved my game and decided to take a break.