Professor Layton and the Curious Village – 5. Abduction

Our story so far:

After witnessing Ramon’s abduction before their very eyes, Luke and Professor Layton are shocked to see him return to Reinhold Manor on his own. Busy with the murder investigation, Inspector Chelmey warns Layton against meddling any further. However, Layton is confident that the Golden Apple and the morning’s murder are linked to one another. Finally free to move about, Layton and Luke begin their search for the Golden Apple in earnest.

Professor Layton, Eerie artwork

Some eerie artwork this time.

I went to speak to Ingrid at the town square and she turned out to be the source of some useful information. Ingrid told us the story of how Flora’s mother passed from this world. The baron must have truly loved his former wife, for her grave lies within his garden, presumably so that, even in death, she could stay close to him. We went to her grave with Matthew and it was a truly beautiful place. The baron’s devotion and love for lady Violet reflected in every detail of it. Matthew mentioned the baron kept a journal detailing his thoughts. If we can find it, there could be some clues we could learn from it.

The journal was kept in the same room where I spoke to lady Dahlia earlier. I was free to take and read it so I did, for the sake of the investigation, of course. The pages were filled with passages reflecting upon the baron’s deep love for his late five and their daughter. He also mentioned something he referred to simply as “it”, how his daughter couldn’t grow accustomed to “it” and how he was forced to change “it’s” memory. In the end, the journal said that the baron left a note disclosing the location of the Golden Apple in the possession of his good friend. Who this is, I have no idea, but I should probably ask Ingrid about it.

I spoke to Ingrid again and she wasn’t sure who the aforementioned friend was, but she did say that he noticed Zappone visiting the mansion quite often. It was late so instead of finding him, I solved a bunch of puzzles around town, saved my game and went to bed.

For the readers:

Two corporations have put out “Help Wanted” ads. Aside from the information that follows, the two companies’ offers are exactly the same. From a purely financial standpoint, which one should you work for? Company A will pay you $100,000 a year and give you a $20,000 raise yearly.Company B will pay you $50,000 every six months and give you $5,000 raise every six months.