Professor Layton and the Curious Village – 4. Chapter 5

Our story so far:

In the course of their afternoon-long investigation through St. Mystere, Luke and Layton stumble on a rumor about some mysterious kidnappings, The professor has a hunch that Ramon’s disappearance and these kidnappings must be connected. In a quest for further details, the intrepid pair continue their search of St. Mystere into the night.

Professor Layton Artwork

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I went to the park to find the thing Gerard lost, but a man there told me that the Innkeeper, Beatrice found it and decided to hold onto it until the morning since it was late. It turns out it was a wristwatch. I went to get it and then gave it to Gerard. After solving some various puzzles, I went to the cafe past the clock tower. I asked the owner about Ramon and the old man. He said that a fellow by the name of Prosciutto might know something and he lives in a road to the north. I went to see him and he described the old man in detail. As I was leaving, we stopped the old man outside, carrying Ramon in a huge sack. We tried to chase him, but he was to fast. While running, he dropped another cog like the one from the manor so I guess that’s a clue at least. This concluded Chapter 4.

We reported our findings to lady Dahlia. As I was trying to convince the inspector to organize a search, Matthew, the butler ran in to let us know that Ramon is back. How this is possible, I had no idea. He claims he was just at the market to do some shopping and was never abducted at all. There was no point in arguing as no one would believe us anyway, so we left it at that. We went to the inn and retired for the night.

In the morning, we got a call from the inspector to meet him at the manor at once. On my way there, I solved a bunch of puzzles. The inspector basically told me to stay out of the way and that’s about it. I spoke to everyone, solved some more puzzles and then went to the river to talk to Ramon. Again, he told us nothing. We decided to leave the murder cause to the police and focus on the Golden Apple. Chapter 5 has started. I went to speak to the butler and he mentioned that a woman named Ingrid used to work at the mansion, but she lives in the town now. Before he could say anything else, lady Dahlia interrupted him. I guess i should speak to Ingrid next. This is where I saved my game and took a break.

For the readers, if five cats can catch five mice in five minutes, how many cats is required to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes?