Professor Layton and the Curious Village – 3. Murder

Our story so far:

Having finally returned to Reinhold Manor with Claudia in tow, Layton and Luke are horrified to discover that a murder has taken place there during their absence. Waiting for Luke and Layton at the manor is police detective Inspector Chelmey. Upon receiving a report on the murder, he has raced to St. Mystere to conduct an investigation. He has his suspicions about Luke and Layton.

Professor Layton Artwork

Here’s some more beautiful artwork.

As I got out of the manor, I’ve found Claudia with Simon’s glasses. I gave them to the inspector, but he said they weren’t important. I’ve been going around town and asking people about Ramon and everything seems to point to the big tower in the center. Everyone is also saying i should avoid the tower. Passing underneath the clock tower, I encountered a little girl who told me that Ramon has a friend named Jarvis who he hangs out with frequently.

I’ve found Jarvis at the end of a long street up the hill, but he said he hasn’t seen Ramon since the day before. He also said I should talk to Zappone about all this. Some other people told me I should speak to Crouton, the bar owner, as he is usually on top of any potential town rumors.I went to the bar, but Crouton didn’t see Ramon either. He has, however, told me that there is a rumor going around about a strange old man kidnapping people so I should probably look into that. This ended Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 was about to begin.

The night has fallen in St. Mystere and the professor’s investigations were leading nowhere. He needed to observe the night life in the village to try and find more clues. Before I did anything, I used all the gizmos I gathered to assemble a fully functional robotic dog. I decided to name him Garo, as this is the name of my real dog. I went to the puzzle tower to solve the two puzzles i missed in the last chapter and on the way back spoke to Gerard. He said he dropped something somewhere in front of the park and asked me to find it. He isn’t sure where exactly he dropped it or what it is that he actually dropped but I need to find it anyway. Anyway, I decided to save my game and take a break here.

For the commenters, here’s a fun one: You have only one match left. You want to light the room with the oil lamp, start a fire to heat the room and heat your bath water. Which one do you light first? Also, I still didn’t get an answer from the one I wrote yesterday.