Professor Layton and the Curious Village – 1. Love It

Based on a recommendation I got on one of my previous posts and all around good reviews of this game, I decided to try it in spite of the fact that it did not seem that appealing to me.

The result? I like it! It has some fun puzzles and I actually like the style of the graphics and story telling. There’s voice acting and the presentation is that of a cartoon. It also has it’s flaws, though. Some of the puzzles are strange and misleading. For instance, the puzzle with the two farmers. It clearly says that the plot is split in half, but, since the game put some much details into how fast they work, I assumed that this couldn’t be the correct answer, even though it was the first thing that crossed my mind. The one with the dog that got run over was weird to. I assumed i need to move two of the legs from the bottom to the top, but the game wanted them in a cross formation when I pointed them all backwards. Both formations seem perfectly plausible to me, so I really think the game should accept both answers.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village Cover Art

It has that old cartoon style. It reminds me of Doctor Dolittle.

Still, all of this might simply be because I’m not used to the game yet so I will give it some time. For now, I’ve solved eleven puzzles, including a bonus one and also got to chapter 2. I have two mysteries to solve. I need to find the golden apple and find out what was the source of the noise that scared the ladies cat.