Puzzle Solutions

Congratulations M. Paynesdown, for solving yesterday’s puzzle. The answer was, of course, the match. You can’t light any other thing without lighting the match first. As a reward, you get +Internets, whatever that is.

As for the puzzle from two days ago, I didn’t get an answer yet.

The puzzle was:

Ten candles are burning on a candlestick. The wind blows through the window and extinguishes 2 of them. A few minutes later, you notice one more is extinguished and close the window so it doesn’t happen again. Assuming the rest of the candles will be fine, how many will be left in the end?

The answer is, three candles. The ones that stayed lit will burn out and completely melt. Only the ones that went off will remain. Shame on you for not giving me the answer.

OK, time to go play the game again.