Installed it on Saturday, completed it today.

The game, like most CoD games, is very story driven, so I didn’t really want to spoil it to the few readers I have. Anyways, It’s a blockbuster, like all of the recent games in the series. There is nothing revolutionary in there, but the presentation is great and It’s really fun to play. The campaign doesn’t drag for to long and it ends before it gets boring or tedious.

I had issues with some minor bugs, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Really, there is nothing to say. It’s a good, fun game to play and if you played any of the previous games because of the campaign, you should play this one. As for multiplayer, I’m not into it, so I can’t comment on that. Should you buy it? I’m not sure. It can easily be completed during rental, so if, like me, you don’t care about the multiplayer, maybe you should skip buying it.

This one was installed Saturday afternoon and completed on the same evening. My DSL was dead the entire day so I didn’t have anything else to do. There is only one word to describe this game, the same word I used for the first one – EPIC! Epic story, epic gameplay, epic graphics, epic music, just EPIC! The only thing that isn’t epic is the duration, but in my opinion that is a good thing. Instead of making the game longer with more repetitive gameplay, this way, every second of the game is fun and exciting. It makes it feel more like watching a great movie than playing a game. Anyway, can’t wait for the next one! Big recommendation!

I played for several hours today and completed the game. I won’t be deleting it from my system yet, as it has a coop mode as well as a bonus level where you shoot Nazi zombies. It’s a great game, just as good as the previous installment (if not better). Only problem is the shortness. It took about 6 hours in total to complete it. There are off course higher difficulty levels, but I’m not that interested in FPS games. I play them mainly for the story and presentation.

I got it a few days ago and finished about five missions. The game is every bit as great as the previous installment. The graphics are great, and the presentation is flawless. The control scheme is complex enough to be interesting, but simple enough not to slow the progress of the game. I’m definitely …. fragments lost to history. Seriously, I’ve only now, in May of 2013 realized there’s a huge chunk of this posting missing. Oh well, you found an easter egg if you got here! 😀