Arkham Asylum - Batman and Gordon

Lately, there’s a tone in most of my postings. My tastes are moving away from story focused games into what I sometimes accidentally call “actual games”, even though every single game I’ve played is an “actual” game. Basically, I’m sort of being an ass about things, again. Recently, I started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, and it’s getting a bit difficult to use the same brush I’ve been using lately. You know, the wide one.Continue reading

Dungeon Keeper - Level Selection Later

I’ll be honest. A minor part of why I started playing Dungeon Keeper is because I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while. A major part, though, is because a mobile sequel was released and there’s a lot of controversy around it. I get what the controversy is about and where it’s coming from, but I’ve been trying to stay positive lately, so instead of saying why I hate a game I probably won’t ever play, I thought I’d play the first Dungeon Keeper and talk about why I love it. First, however, I have a confession to make.Continue reading

Harmony of Dissonance - 1 Title

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance is the second GBA Castlevania game. I’ve played it for a bit back in the day, but never gotten far in it, for the same reason I didn’t get far in any of the games I played back then – lack of focus and dedication. As with Circle of the Moon, in this first posting, I’ll give a brief overview of what I did in the game up to this point as well as a slightly lengthier overview of the game itself.Continue reading

Planescape Torment - Coaxmetal

It took me about four weekends of marathon play to be able to say I’ve beaten Planescape Torment and it was absolutely amazing. There’s no need to write any sort of review. Planescape Torment is an amazing game any RPG fan with an open mind needs to play. It’s a story you play through instead of just watching it and that should be reason enough.Continue reading

Diablo 3 - Cohen at 50

2.0 is out, but anyone who’d take the time to read this probably knows that. I’ve heard good things, so I’ve decided to give Diablo 3 2.0 a try. I did it without the expansion, mind you, but a lot of the overhauls the expansion brings are actually included in the patch. Since the core of an ARPG is simple, this will be an attempt to cover most of it in a single posting.Continue reading

Planescape Torment - 1. The Mortuary

I started playing Planescape Torment, finally. Then I abandoned it for about two weeks. Even better, I can’t get it to run on my main PC, so I can only play it on weekends. Expect this game to have very few and very spread out reports because of it. In this one, I’ll talk about what Planescape Torment is, how it plays and how I feel about it.Continue reading