Not sure how far exactly I got with this one, but I think I’m about half way to the end. As far as I can tell, I have completely upgraded my mansion, so money is really no longer an issue. I’ve also been gathering various bonus items, but I feel there are far too many and I’m not motivated enough to collect them all. If I can remember correctly, I have allied with the thieves in Venice and killed one of the local leaders. It has been a while, so I cannot really remember if I got further than that.

The protection was finally removed so I, erm, got this game. It seems more polished than the first one, but I didn’t really get the chance to play it due to exams. I managed to complete the first sequence (I think that’s what they call chapters in this game). It looks nice, but I seem to have some audio issues. Whenever there’s an echo or anything similar, the game stutters a bit.

Another one is completed. I’ve played this game all day today, so I’m finally done. There are still flags to collect, but since I don’t really get much from doing it, I don’t think I’ll bother. This was definitely one of the top games this year. Everything about it was great (except for the ending which screams for a sequel). There are a total of nine contracts which are executed in three cities, each divided in three districts. There’s a spinoff in the end, but I won’t say what it is to avoid spoilers. Another one goes to the “Completed” list!

The game is excellent. The animations are smooth, the level of freedom is huge, as is the world, and the graphics are beautiful. I played trough the first few tutorial levels, got killed, got resurrected, and then finished the first mission in each Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem. I got a few of my abilities back (that I lost when I got killed), and moved the story forward a bit. The game is lagging on my computer (it didn’t even meet all of the minimum requirements), but not too much, and it definitely remains playable. Well, I’m off to play it now.