I stumbled upon this gem on YouTube. Today I installed and completed it in one sitting. It took me probably about 8 hours, but I did it. It’s a 2D action adventure with RPG elements. The game is similar to Castlevania on the GBA and DS, as well as Super Metroid. There are a few differences though. First of all, the game has levels. You can revisit them as much as you like, and you are encouraged to do it, as there are plenty of items you can’t get in the first run. Second, and more important, the game is beautiful. All of the backgrounds are hand drawn and in high resolution. The level of details is amazing. The characters are nicely animated and everything looks completely smooth. 

In the style of Castlevania, you unlock new abilities as you progress such as dash and double jump, which in turn allow you to revisit all levels and discover paths to new ones, as well as collect some nice items. You also gain experience and levels which further improves your character. There are a couple of spells and various skills in the game, and there is an option to buy potions that increase your stats, so if you like to grind you will feel right at home. I might try grinding later, but right now, I just tried to collect as much items as possible and complete the game. It gets hard at times, but it never became frustrating for me. Most of the times, I died because I got impatient. Anyway, If you like nice 2D games, this is probably one of the best you can get on the PC right now.

Anyway, look at the trailer and see for yourself.