After returning to the Copper Coronet, I dumped Nalia and took Korgan with me. He needed to recover a book from a tomb in the graveyard district. In there, I had to fight a bunch of mid to high level undead. After realizing someone took the book before us, we decided to visit the buyer in an attempt to beat the culprits to him. We’ve found him dead in his home. Korgan said this is probably the work of his former companions. We’ve found them on the roof of the Copper Coronet and disposed of them. I got the book and sold it to the nearest store. After this, I replaced Korgan with Anomen.

Shrotly after I took Anomen with me, we got news of his sisters’ death. We went to his family estate in the government district, where his father claimed she was murdered by another merchant. I managed to talk Anomen out of avenging his sister. This is best left to the authorities.

Afterwards, I went to the Bridge district where I solved a series of murders. The culprit was a local tanner, but he managed to escape. Since I’ve found elephant hide linked to him, I should ask someone about where one might acquire something like this.

EDIT: I went to Windspear Hills, where I was supposed to kill some demi-humans that where pillaging the local villages. It turns out lord Firkraag used an illusion to make me kill some temple knights. Now I have to find him to clear my name.

Since my laptop is bugging me (it’s overheating), I decided to play this classic while I wait for the repairs. This is one of my favorite games, but I never manage to complete it. This time, I decided to play with an archer which is a ranger character kit. I escaped Irenicus’ dungeon, Imoen was taken by the Cowled Wizards, and I got the quest to collect 20000 gold to save her. I freed Aerie from the circus, and took Nalia with me to help her family. Before I went to her castle, I took down a slaving organization in the slums. I also got a talking sword on the way.

My archer is really kicking but right now. Most of the enemies are not immune to standard arrows and, since I attack really fast, they usually fall before they reach me. By the time I reach stronger enemies, I’ll try to find a steady source of enchanted arrows.