Arkham Asylum - Batman and Gordon

Lately, there’s a tone in most of my postings. My tastes are moving away from story focused games into what I sometimes accidentally call “actual games”, even though every single game I’ve played is an “actual” game. Basically, I’m sort of being an ass about things, again. Recently, I started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, and it’s getting a bit difficult to use the same brush I’ve been using lately. You know, the wide one.Continue reading

I installed it a bit after the exams and I love it. The game looks and plays amazing. The story is interesting and the gameplay is fun. I went through the starting areas, fought the Scarecrow and saved the commissioner. Last time I played I was in the sewers and just had my first encounter with the Croc. I haven’t played it in a while ‘cause of WoW but I definitely plan to play this one allot more.