…because I finally cleared the Cathedral with her. After many, many failures I had with this character, it was bound to happen. I started a run today, completely refreshed, hoping it would help me play better. It didn’t.

Fortunately, where brains are missing, luck can still exist. First I got some damage upgrades, which made it much easier. Then I got lucky by having a barrel and an exploding enemy spawn in rooms with tinted rocks. This got me a couple of extra spirit hearts, so I could stay alive longer. With my first fifteen cents, I managed to score the Book of Revelations from an early shop.

Since I apparently suck at this game, I wasn’t really accumulating hearths, though. Lucky for me, a friendly Judgement gave me the Blue Candle for just four cents total. I was careless enough to trade it for my Book of Revelations and this made all the difference. With the bandage I got at the start of the game and the speed of clearing rooms with the candle, I managed to get enough hearts and spirit hearts to get to mom. I killed her and she dropped just enough health to get filled back up.

The Binding of Isaac Achievements

I still have plenty of achievements to go through.

The last incident of pure luck was when I picked the correct direction to find the boss room in the Cathedral. The candle made a hard battle much easier, but I still only managed to win with one heart left. It still counts, though, so there’s no reason for me to play with Eve again any time soon. Of course, this is a game that will go to 100% eventually, so I’ll have to beat the chest with her at one point to, but for now, I got ??? to tackle next. There’s Maggie and Samson to, but ??? will be the tough one.One last lucky drop, the Emperor card, which I got a few rooms before mom, was the key to my victory. You see, the Womb had Curse of the Labyrinth, meaning I could basically skip two levels worth of rooms and get straight to the bosses. Death was the first boss and he was relatively easy to deal with. It Lives was even easier, and I actually managed to get out of that battle with more health than what I had when I entered.

Again, the title should tell you everything.

I’m moving to a new place on Monday, because I finally got a job (!), so I find very little time to play. Isaac was the only game I hanged out a bit, and it was only for an hour.

In that hour, I tried to advance with eve, several times, but all of my attempts failed. By far the best one only got me to the catacombs. I’m really, really having bad luck with health, barely getting any health upgrades. Combine that with the relatively low starting health and the low starting damage and suddenly Eve is almost at the bottom of my “Best Binding of Isaac Characters” list.

The Binding of Isaac Horrible Run

Just horrible!

You might also like:As I said, I didn’t get past the Catacombs, so I didn’t even see mom’s foot in this one hour. It’d be great if I could blame it all on luck, but I’m also extremely rusty, taking lots of stupid damage, forgetting which item does what, etc. Since I probably won’t have Internet access for a while, I’ll have plenty of time to get better during the following week. Sadly, no Internet access also means I won’t be submitting new articles as often, but I’ll be sure to write them anyway, so I can submit them once I’m back online.

I didn’t have a lot of time today, but I managed to squeeze in a few attempts at beating the cathedral with eve. The title of this article should tell you everything you need to know. Most of my attempts failed soon, while the most successful one ended my run in the first part of the womb.

Binding of Isaac, Eve

It wasn’t promising to begin with.

You might also like:I managed to get Money = Power early on, as well as a rock and some other decent items, but I also got a lot of useless active items and almost no health upgrades. I died a few rooms into the womb.

After what’s been ages of me playing this game, I decided to return to it, just so I can reach and beat the chest at least once. I wasn’t sure who I beat the Cathedral with and I was to lazy to check, so I went for a shot with Judas.

The first few tries failed in record speeds, but my third or fourth attempt was an extremely lucky one. In the very second room, I got the Hierophant card, giving me two spirit hearts. The first treasure room contained Polyphemus, meaning I could suddenly hit like a truck, especially combined with the Book of Belial I started with.

Then the second boss gave me access to the Devil room, where I bought Mom’s Knife for just one hearth. In case you don’t know, Polyphemus basically reduces your shot rate badly, but it also insanely increases the damage of your shots and gives them a type of piercing effect. Well, Mom’s Knife adds piercing to and increases the damage even further.

Basically, for the next few levels, I could just run into bosses and hit them with one shot. In addition to this, I got the Mitre, which provides an extra chance to get spirit hearts, as well as the Nun’s Habit and eventually, the Book of Revelation. Suffice to say, by the end of this game, I was swimming in spirit hearts and my shots could kill god. I beat the game easily, even with the stupid amounts of damage I was taking due to being rusty.

Sadly, it seems I’ve already beaten it with Judas previously, so this really means I only have the “bad” characters left to beat it with. One of them will have to be next.

He really doesn’t. I just don’t have the willpower for anything more complex than that. Again, it was hot as hell today, and again, this was the only game I could play.

Binding of Isaac, Steam Achievements.

One Step Closer (Linkin Park works here in more ways than one).

In the end, thanks to the high damage technology, the Cathedral was easy to beat. Since this was the first time beating it with Judas, this makes me one step closer to unlocking the Chest.I did a bit better, though. I only played for two sessions as Judas, but this was enough to beat the Cathedral on my second run. This unlocked another achievement, and another item – The Curved Horn. It was a pretty sweet run to. I managed to get Technology early on, followed by several damage upgrades. I was also lucky with trinkets and consumables. I managed to get the safety cap just a couple of rooms before getting mom’s coin purse, allowing me to get a huge amount of upgrades. I was low on natural health, but lucky for me, I also got the Mitre, basically making me drown in spirit hearts.

Today, we measured 38 degrees Celsius here in Croatia. Suffice to say, I’m hardly in the mood to do anything, let alone do any serious gaming.What I did was to try and play a few rounds of The Binding of Isaac.

I’m not sure if it’s the heat, or if it’s because I haven’t been playing it for a while, but I got rusty, extremely rusty. I mean, I was never an awesome Isaac player, but right now, I’m having a hard time actually reaching mom, when satan used to have a common appearance.

Still, I was persistent, so I managed to eventually finish the cathedral once with Cain, and also managed to finish a challenge, the one called “Dark Was The Night”, which unlocked The Candle as a new item. I’ve seen it in action on some Youtube let’s play’s, so I’m looking forward to using it.

This one deserves a separate post.

Ladies and gentlemen, a few days ago, the expansion for Binding of Isaac was released!

Binding of Isaac - The Widow Screen

The Widow is one of the new bosses. She’s fast, but low on health.

I bought it the instant the steam add popped up on my screen and I have yet to regret it. The expansion adds so much new content to the game, it completely refreshes the experience. I’ve been playing a couple of rounds per day since release and I enjoyed every single one of them. There’s heaps of new items, a new, alternative final zone, several new room types, new enemies, which behave in a vastly different way compared to the old ones and a whole new item type – the trinkets.

The trinkets are passive items which can drop from enemies, chests and various other places. They give various passive bonuses, some similar and some different to the already existing items. You can only carry a single trinket with you, unless you find a special item which grants you an extra slot. The bonuses they give vary to a great extent. You can get poison tears (or any other projectiles), a magnet-like effect, a change to get unlimited keys for a level, etc.

Other than that, the whole game layout has changed. Instead of a linear path, you can now get alternative versions of each zone, depending on your performance and luck. These alternative versions are harder, but offer better rewards than the regular ones. Also, instead of two levels per zone, you can get lucky, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it, and get a single, extra large zone level instead. This single level has double the special rooms as well as two bosses at the end of it.

Another addition is the challenge mode, which lets you play the game under certain special conditions. This means you usually start the game with some pretty sweet item, like flight or the super meat boy, but at the cost of not having access to treasure rooms.

Overall, Wrath of the Lamb is an awesome expansion worth it’s price dozens of times over. The only downside to it were some of the starting bugs, which got fixed after a couple of days and shouldn’t be a problem now.

Again, no time for anything substantial today, so I only squeezed in a single run of Isaac. Lucky for me, it was a nice run, so I managed to kill mom. I did it with Cain, so this probably explains some of the awesome items I got, like mom’s bra, or mom’s pad. Awesome run of an awesome game!

I also have a complaint, however. Around Caves 1, the background music went away and only the sounds remained. After that, I started getting low performance in rooms with lots of enemies. The game is nice and fun, but it does have it’s bugs. I guess the fact that it’s a flash game (i think) has a part in it, but still.

I didn’t have enough time to actually start a new game, so instead I played a few rounds of the Binding of Isaac, which is probably the sickest game I’ve ever played. It’s also very, very fun.

I didn’t get to far, and I haven’t managed to kill mom yet, but I got to the final battle once and even got hero to bellow 50% health. In this lucky run, I also managed to unlock two characters, Magdalene and Cain. Cain was unlocked thanks to a really lucky roll on the slot machine, which got me a 100$ bill.

Overall, I’m liking this game. It’s something fun to play when I got some time to spare, but not to much. I’m still learning the game and discovering new items, but it gets more fun with each new attempt.

I got this one today as a bonus for buying the Humble Voxatron Debut. This and Blocks that Matter got given to the customers as a bonus, which makes me very, very happy. I’ve know about Isaac for a while and I really liked what I’ve seen on various let’s play videos.

Since I’m still on Avadon, I only gave it a try for now. I managed to finish two or three levels and got killed by one of the bosses. I didn’t unlock anything yet, but I think I’ll play this game quite a bit in the future.