I’ve defeated all but the final boss (Dracula). Braunner was pretty tough, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I’ve also solved most of the quests from Wind. One of the quests unlocked the Nest of Evil, which is an optional area filled with tough enemies and bosses. Another quest asks me to kill one of the bosses with the Blank Book which is one of the weakest weapons in the game. I’ve managed to defeat the first three bosses in the Nest of Evil. 

One of the new enemies there (Gold Skeleton) drops Gold Rings which increase the amount of money I get from candles, etc. I got two of these rings and put them on Charlotte. Then I cast Speed Up and started running up and down the staircase in front of Dracula’s throne. There’s a bunch of torches there, and since most of them now drop either 500 or 1000 gold, I got allot of money fast. This allowed me to buy two Master Rings which increase the amount of skill points I gain from enemies. Right now, I’m mastering most of my skills. Jonathan actually has three skills missing from his list so I’ll have to look for them. Charlotte has a bunch of spells missing to. 

I have 5 quests left and the Nest of Evil to clear, and then I’ll fight Dracula and complete the game. I hope this unlocks a bunch of stuff like in other Castlevania games. 

This game is not without its problems though. It constantly freezes when I switch an area (the music changes) or when I try to activate a teleport or open the menu. It doesn’t do that every time, but it’s quite often. I’m sure it’s not my DS because I tried other games and I have no problems at all.

EDIT: Notice the change in the title? Yup, the game is completed. Not a 100% but pretty close. I got 1000% on the map, all of the skills, all of the enemies, and most of the items. I also solved all of the quests and got the best ending (I think). I’m not sure what’s unlocked, but there’s time for that later. Right now I have other games to play.

I’ve completed three paintings, including one where I’ve fought Legion. I really think they should make this boss harder. I think he’s been the easiest one for me in most Castlevania games. I’ve also fought one of the vampire’s daughters, and then found out they are actually Wind’s daughters (the guy that’s helping me. Right now, I’ve found and entered the fourth painting.

EDIT: I’ve cleared the fourth painting and explored most of the castle. I’ve encountered and defeated Death, and then managed to heal the vampire’s (actually Wind’s daughters) using sanctuary. After healing them, they told me that the vampire (Braunner) is painting a painting that can destroy the world. In order to get to him, I have to clear four other paintings in the next room.

I love Castlevania games, and I haven’t played this one yet, so I decided to try it out. It’s great just like any Castlevania game. This time you control two characters – Jonathan and Charlotte. I’ve already fought three of four bosses, and have encountered Death. I’ve cleared one of the paintings (City of Haze), and I’m currently in the Sandy Grave painting. My character got killed by a rolling boulder, so I decided to take a break.