Aside from Warcraft, I didn’t play much of anything else for the past few days. This is a game I stumbled into while reading some blogs. Basically, it’s a watered down roguelike. You only get one level, filled with monsters, spells, gold, shops and a boss, and the only way to regenerate health and mana is to explore blaked out areas of the single screen map. This turns it into something closer to a resource management puzzle game than a real roguelike.
I get mixed feelings about it. On one hand, you die allot and unwinnable levels are really commonly generated. On the other hand, I keep coming back to it for some reason. As of right now, I managed to clear the Normal quest with a Fighter, and a Warlord, and that’s about it. I have a plan on how to clear it with a mage, but it involves finding a special altar really early in the level.
This isn’t a game you really complete, but there are unlockables you can collect so I guess I can call it completed when I get all of them. Not sure if that’s going to happen though.