What a great game! I was wrong yesterday, I wasn’t at mission 12, I was at mission 10. However, today I’ve finished it. It took me about nine hour’s total. Off course, this is just the Human difficulty, and there’s still a bunch of them to go. I also need to improve my rank on every mission, and finish all of the secret missions. Clearing Human got me The Legendary Dark Knight difficulty, some gallery images, and it changed the title screen picture. I also managed to save Kyrie in the Credits video, which got me another epilogue video. I really recommend this game to everyone. It’s fun, cool, and extremely optimized, as it runs at full speed on my mid-end computer.

I’m on mission 12. I’m not really got at this game (either that or it’s really hard). I’m playing on Human difficulty which is the lowest, and I finish most of my missions with rank B. After replaying the first mission I got rank A with ease, but S will be extremely difficult. I’m mostly upgrading my sword because I don’t like the guns. Right now I’m saving up for the Air Hike move which will allow me to do a double jump. Based on the score table, there should be eight missions left. After that, the Devil Hunter difficulty awaits me.

After finishing Mass Effect, I installed this one, and I’m glad I did. It really is an excellent game. The graphics are beautiful, the performance is excellent, and this time, the controls actually work. I’ve completed the first five missions on Human difficulty. Right now I’m taking a break, and will either continue tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on what’s on TV tonight.