Just an hour or two invested today. We got through most of normal difficulty with our druids. Now we’re at act V and we have just killed Shenk. I also managed to find the problem with my network connection. For the past few days, every time one of us would leave the game, the other computer would drop him, which would result in the character not saving. It seems a problem was not with the network, but with my shared stash (I use Plugy). One of the items in the stash corrupted the entire file and that was what caused the drops. I gave a few of my better items to my friend and deleted the stash file. Now everything works perfect again.

Last night a friend stopped by again, and we played with our sorceress/amazon combo. We got through the first half of act 3 hell, and it was a bitch. My amazon is a non standard build and is harder to play than most characters. Also, our equipment sucks and our resistances are mostly negative. Today we will try to finish hell, so we can concentrate on getting equipment.

EDIT: We haven’t finished it, but we did get to chapter V. Chaos Sanctuary was hard as hell (duh!), bud Diablo himself was a breeze thanks to teamwork. We both started running towards him, I cast my Valkyre next to him to keep him busy, and when I came close I cast slow missiles for his red lightning, and then started attacking him. In the meanwhile, my friend came close to, and used static field a couple of times. This got him to about a third of his health, the rest of which I easily took using charged strike.

So I lied yesterday…

My sorceress isn’t level 40. She’s level 60 and I’ve finished Nightmare difficulty. First I trained at Shenk on normal for a while, and then continued to Baal runs. When I reached level 40 I decided to try nightmare. Using frozen orb and teleport made nightmare a breeze for the most part. Act V was the only problem because it introduced ice immune regular monsters. However, these were rare, so it wasn’t hard to avoid them. Right now frozen orb is maxed, and I’m investing points in meteor. I’ll try to make an Insight pole arm for my mercenary, so I can use another staff. Right now I’m doing nightmare Mephisto and Countess runs.

I had a terrible headache yesterday, so I didn’t even touch a game. Today tough, a friend stopped by so we created a couple of druid characters. His will be a Hunter Summoner (a summoner that uses a bow), and I decided to go for the elemental skills. We got trough act 1 and most of act 2 normal.

Right now, I’m planning to play for a bit with my sorceress. I’ll try to get her to level 27 so she can use the Insight staff I have prepared for her.

EDIT: The sorceress is level 32 now. I actually used teleport to rush to act 2 nightmare and hire a holy freeze mercenary. Now I’m doing Shenk runs on Normal to train. I decided to use fire as my secondary attack instead of lightning. I don’t think it’s a better choice, but the animations of fire skills look better to me, so the coolness factor decided for me. I’ll try to get her to level 40 tomorrow.

I played with my Sorceress and finished most of Act 2 Normal. She will be an Ice type, using frozen orb mostly with some lightning skills as backup. Right now she annihilates everything with her glacial spike.

EDIT: A friend stopped by and rushed my sorceress trough normal difficulty. She is now a level 22 Slayer. I will train her tomorrow.

I had a friend over, so we played this game for a couple of hours. We got trough chapter 2 on Hell with one pair of characters (Sorceress and Amazon), and trough chapter 2 and 3 of Nightmare with our Paladins. Right now he’s doing some Countess runs, and I’m taking a break.

EDIT: We finished chapter 4 of Nightmare with our Paladins. Chapter 5 is insanely difficult because most of the enemies are archers, and our equipment is subpar. We will continue next weekend.