I had computer trouble for the last month, as well as other obligations. That is way I haven’t been able to write here. I did play some games, though. Also, since I have a new computer now, I decided to reset my PC “Currently playing” list.

While away, I’ve completed the main Disgaea DS story, which opened up Etna mode. I’ve also completed Gears of War for the PC. I’m currently playing Far Cry 2 which I like a lot, as well as some other games.

This is all I’ve been playing for the past few days. I’ve played a total of about 20 hours and reached Episode 7. Laharl is definitely my strongest character, since I’ve been upgrading his equipment trough Item World. I also have a healer that has learned fire and ice spells from his pupils, an axe warrior, Etna and, off course, Flonne. There is a few other characters, but I’ve been mostly using them as spell trainers and cannon fodder. I do, however, plan to train a Prinny to a high level.

In order to continue further, I need to level up an item to level ten. I decided to try with a basic monster claw. I actually managed to go to level 10 in one go, but I couldn’t complete it, so I had to use an escape item. I’ll return there later with my entire party. Off course, I managed to subdue a few specialists while traveling there, so I can now transfer them to another item, since this one is completely useless.

Awesome! I finished the second episode of the story, so now I have an Angel Trainee in my party. Aditionally, I haven’t mentioned that I have a Warrior named Idiot, and a Cleric named Generic Healer in my party. The “Idiot” is just so the game can call him an incompetent idiot when I try to delete him, and the “Generic Healer” is so I can point out that I have only one use for her. I just love the game and the fact that you’re playing the, for now, evil side.

This is the game I’ve been waiting for. It’s every bit as great as the PS2 version, except there’s fewer voices here. I’ve completed the tutorial, created a fighter and a cleric pupil and got all the way to the first boss level. There, I got my ass handed to me by his minions (the mage is a pain). Then I started training for a while, and got some nice items. I will try my luck again tonight.