During one of my many train rides, I actually managed to complete this game on the third difficulty level. This means I have unlocked the Elite Beat Divas. Their difficulty isn’t much harder than Sweatin’ when it comes to the necessary clicking speed, but the buttons are much smaller so it takes way more accuracy. I managed to complete a few levels on this new difficulty, but I have yet to complete it entirely or unlock the third bonus song.

Instead of Pokémon, for which I was mostly to sleepy, I decided to play this one during my train rides. I finished Breezin’ during a single ride, and then proceded to complete Cruisin’ over the course of the next two. I also managed to unlock the first bonus song. I was a bit rusty, but you remember this game fast, so I’m now steadily progressing through the Sweatin’ difficulty.

I’ve completed Cruisin’ difficulty. Yesterday, I completed Breezin’, and I was one level short on completing Cruisin’. I’ve also completed the first five stages of Sweatin’ difficulty. I’m about 350k points short of getting the next rank, so I’m hopping ill get the next bonus stage. By the way, the first bonus stage was “Believe” by Cher. Judging from the credits, that leaves the songs “ABC” and “Survivor” to unlock. I wonder which one will be next.

After completing a level, I finally have enough points for the next rank – Three-star Commander. Unfortunately, this isn’t the rank that I get a new song on. Only 3.7 million points needed for the next rank. Hopefully, that will be the one.

By the way, I got a blister from playing this game. I guess that means I need to take a break from stylus games for a while.

EDIT: I’ve finished a total of 13 stages on Sweatin’, and have finally unlocked the next rank – King of the Beat. This has unlocked a new song, “ABC”. It’s one of my favorite oldies. I need 3.5 million points for the next rank, but I probably need to advance to the final rank to unlock the last bonus song. King of the Beat is rank 6 and judging from the rank list I still have at least six ranks left. The good thing is, that songs on Sweatin’ provide over a million points each easily (more than two millions if played near perfectly).

I finished this one today for the second time actually. The first time it was before I started this diary. It definitely wasn’t as hard as the first time. I finished the last level in one go, but it was still a close one. Watching the credits, I noticed a few songs in the list that weren’t in any of the levels. I’m guessing their either unlockable or in the US version of the game. If the songs are unlockable, it probably has something to do with the rank system which, right now, has no other use. It’s one more game to the list.

EDIT: After gaining the rank “Captain of Soul” I unlocked a new song. It seems it has everything to do with ranks. The problem is I need almost three million points for the next rank which is just a bit less than the total I have now. This will be a long day.

I had a few friends over today actually yesterday, since it’s after midnight), so I haven’t played much today. After the morning session of FFTA2, I played some Elite Beat Agents while waiting for my friends to arrive. I started a new game, and finished the first 8 missions. I guess the Japanese sequel is harder, because after playing the sequel, the first one is much easier for me. I remember struggling on some missions the last time, but this time, I finished all of them on the first try. Anyway, I’m going to sleep now.