I installed this game a few days ago, but haven’t started to play it until yesterday. Today, I finished it. I didn’t get the best ending. I destroyed the mutant military base and the Children of the Cathedral, but not before they destroyed the Followers of the Apocalypse. Shady Sands founded the New California Republic. The Brotherhood of Steel helped the other towns defend against the mutants and shared their technology with New California. The ghouls of Necropolis rediscovered engineering, and provided their knowledge with the rest of the world. The hub dispersed before the mutant army and was never restored again. As for me, I was exiled. The Vault 13 Overseer decided it would be too dangerous to live with them again, because that would make others want to leave to Vault to. Exiled, I decided to take a journey north. See you in Fallout 2!

On a side note, it seems Ninja Gaiden was the least of my problems. My DS malfunctioned. No portable gaming until I get a replacement.