The first of the three busy weeks was over yesterday so I decided to take a break playing the new Final Fantasy for the DS. I started playing yesterday and continued all through the day today. I’m writing this while watching the ending! What can I say, I love Final Fantasy. It took me a little over nine hours, and I have to say it is one of the shorter games in the series, but that doesn’t make it any less good. The game has voice-overs which are much better than the ones in Luminous Arc. I loved every minute of the game and I have yet to try the multiplayer (which I have a feeling will rock). Well then, off to the next game. I’ll be adding a list of the games I finished while writing this blog to the site soon. Oh, I still net to finish Nethergate I guess (I think I’m near the end there to)!

EDIT: The end was a fake one. The classic “bad guy dies, but not really” situation. I had to fight a boss with each character alone, and then kill the same bad guy again. This time he took a stronger form, and I after I took his health to zero, I had to quickly cast a few spells to finish him. I didn’t do this in time on the first try so he revived with full HP. I got him on the second try though so it’s really over now.