I’m writing this a few minutes after midnight. I got this game hoping it would be a nice hack & slash and I didn’t get disappointed. Basically, it’s Diablo for the DS, but not as good. The story pretty much sucks, but the game play is decent. The game is divided in chapters, and every chapter has four levels, the fourth being the boss level. After you finish one chapter, another one opens, but you can go back on previous levels and train. You can get a skill from every enemy, so this is what you use as your attacks.

My character is a ranged spell caster with most of his stat points put in intelligence. I’m level 29 and I’ve just completed chapter five. I don’t know how big the game is, but I’m hoping it isn’t too big. The last boss I fought was Cerberus (except this one had two heads).Because of the different possible character builds, there is some replay value, but the lack of items kind off kills it. Anyway, I’ll continue to play tomorrow.


Well, this was fast and easy. It turns out, there are eight chapters in the game. I got trough the remaining three this morning. As a reward, I got a ring that gives nice stat bonuses and absorbs all four of the elements. The last boss was a breeze with my Diamond Dust attack. If anyone wants to have an easy time with this game, use a spell caster. It’s hard until you get your first thousand gold. Then you buy your first overpowered ranged spell and this is what you will probably be using till the end. The first time I switched spells was chapter 8.

I can still revisit all of the areas, and I think the enemies are a bit tougher, but that’s about it. It’s a nice, fun, short game, but it’s nothing special. However, if you like Diablo, this is probably the closest you’ll get on the DS.