Same story here. I tried the level I was stuck on for a few more times, but it got boring a bit. After the break, again I’m having trouble making myself continue the game. This one to, is on hold.

I must admit, I’m stuck. Most of the levels I completed with no trouble and now I have five of them left. The only one I can access is The Eternal Love where there’s a Skeletal King Boss.  I tried slowly building up my army and it does work, but after a while the boss just waltzes in my town and destroys everything. Enemies attack from all sides, so I really don’t have time to build up my economy properly and train my heroes to a high enough level. I’m guessing I need to rush some areas, but I’m surrounded by temple grounds guarded by elementals, so I need to pay close attention to my heroes to keep them from dying. Anyway, I’m to tired for another try now, so I will continue again tomorrow if I get the time.

I installed it this morning and I love it! It’s just like Majesty, except with better graphics and interface. It also seems a bit easier than the first game, but I don’t mind. I completed about half of the missions already, so it will probably get completed soon. By now I killed a baron who was working for the demon lord, some evil mage guy, a dragon, and an ogre. It’s just pure fun.